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Martina Grossi (Argentina)

This trip was one of the most meaningful experience I have ever had. It was great in the way that I could explore and witness a totally different culture and have a different vision about the world. read more

Felix Lindo (USA)

I really enjoyed working with the doctors and people at my project. The highlight of our volunteering was being able to live in a hospital and feel how doctors feel when taking care of a patient. read more

Doreen Thomson (United Kingdom)

I had the best of both worlds I got to spend time with the kids at Save Lives Foundations and going to the school to work in the nursery kindergarten, I got to play with the kids and give them lots of love. read more

Steven Peralta (USA)

I loved having the experience to be accepted into a different culture and work with all the children and staff of the center. The highlights were working with the students, eating Indian food, going to weekend trips and meeting... read more

Stephanie Charbine (United Kingdom)

I very much enjoyed my program placement. Its good to know you are helping even if its only in the slightest of ways. Teaching English to girls of all ages and hearing how it will improve their lives. read more

Tin Chi (Tammie) Chow (New Zealand)

I really enjoyed working at my project placement. It was a great experience for me and for the school as well. The staffs at the school appreciated my effort in playing sports with the children and helping them. read more

JinJoo Lee (South Korea)

I loved the program placement as it was so nice. When I taught something to them. They always learned everything so fast and really enjoyed . They made me so happy. The highlight was spending time with the children. read more

Lottie Van der Hoeven Runge (Netherlands)

The experience of doing volunteering work at the Galapagos was great, and from the first moment I came at the center I was part of it. The contact with my colleague and the children and their parents is something I will never f... read more

Stephanie Rachid (Lebanon)

The project was very interesting, the people were very nice and the kids are amazing. My experience was definitely worthwhile, it was a new experience full of different things. read more

Marwa Rahhal (Lebanon)

It was my first experience in volunteering abroad, the children were amazing, our host house was perfect. The accommodation was very clean and very well equipped to host volunteered from different places in the world. read more
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