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Erica Fumagalli (Italy)

They made me participate to their work and gave me many information. Real interactions with people, cultural exchanges, different problems and situations faced were undoubtedly the highlight from this trip. read more

Mengdi Zhu (United Kingdom)

I really liked my program placement and it's actually simple work but requires patience and care to others. The week tree really changes a lot thoughts of me. Every single day is a memorable and precious to me. read more

Bianca Langegger (Finland)

The children are, despite the circumstances they have to live in/with, very joyful, excited and motivated. It is impossible not to be happy around them and there so many bright and intelligent children. read more

Caroline Palla (Argentina)

I loved my project. I loved the kids and it is amazing how in such a short amount of time you get to care and love them so much. I loved the challenge of being in control of a whole class and creating the activities. read more

Martina Grossi (Argentina)

This trip was one of the most meaningful experience I have ever had. It was great in the way that I could explore and witness a totally different culture and have a different vision about the world. read more

Julieta Caballero (Argentina)

At first the placement was a challenge so many kids playing around but once you adapt and get to know each other it was a very fulfilling activity. I felt at home while being miles away. read more

Felix Lindo (USA)

I really enjoyed working with the doctors and people at my project. The highlight of our volunteering was being able to live in a hospital and feel how doctors feel when taking care of a patient. read more

Carlos Mendoza (USA)

The placement was nice and it was interesting to learn about how different is the system here compared to the US. The highlights from the trip was making friends with the staff in the medical center. read more

Doreen Thomson (United Kingdom)

I had the best of both worlds I got to spend time with the kids at Save Lives Foundations and going to the school to work in the nursery kindergarten, I got to play with the kids and give them lots of love. read more

Steven Peralta (USA)

I loved having the experience to be accepted into a different culture and work with all the children and staff of the center. The highlights were working with the students, eating Indian food, going to weekend trips and meeting... read more
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